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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Honestly I am extremely dissapointed with Fido services all around. Im in the process of filing a formal complaint. So many problems resolving from their csr and no help what so ever. for one i ordered a ipad december 14th and after two months of calling and wondering where my order was I was told that my order was going to stay in limbo because its been backorder since october 2020. No one is of help or doing thre job. I feel like i work more for them then they help the client. Second I have been trying to add a line everytime theres a block on the account even once i am told its cleared. Every agent says the same pre made speach but no one to resolve the problem. who really wants to spend hours a week calling fido to fix issues they should be doing. absurb!!!! 



Hi @mmesue


Welcome to Community! 


I am very sorry learn of your disappointment with our services. We'd love to turn your experience around and to do that, you can contact us using these methods and we'll take it from there. That way, I will be able to have a closer look at your account. 


Also, just an FYI for other Community users: due to high demand, many iPad models are currently out of stock and have, therefore, additional shipping delays. 


Thank you!