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CALLER ID and Fido Predicting Names

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi community,


Something interesting has happened today. I made an outbound call to a client in Calgary, where my caller line ID was displayed, along with my LAST NAME, and MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME on the screen. I checked my account with Fido, and the first and last name on the account is the company name. 


My mother's maiden name has not ever been used on any fido account.


Additionally today, when someone called the #, the same name displayed, which is a significant issue. Has anyone experienced this before?



Hey @GregWoo


The call display name is usually the customer's name which they sign up with. However, this can be changed if some conditions are met. 


Is this something recent you've experienced though? 

Did your call display name previously always show the company's name?


Here are the conditions for both monthly and business accounts:


Monthly account – Consumer

  • It must be the user’s first and last name.
    • Preferred first names are accepted, e.g.: Liz for Elizabeth
    • Initials for first names are accepted, e.g.: B Tremblay for Benoit Tremblay.
  • It can be different than the account holder's name (e.g.: multi-line account), but it cannot:
    • Represent more than one person (e.g. John and Jane Smith)
    • Be only their first name
    • Be a nickname
    • Contain invalid characters (i.e.: anything that is not a letter, such as symbols, numbers or punctuation). Exception: hyphens, apostrophes and spaces can be used, as long as they’re part of the customer’s full name (e.g.: John Smith-Doe, John O’Smith, John De Smith)
    • Be Confidential or Private
  • If the customer uses the phone for business and commercial activities, we can change the user’s name by the company's name (which would follow the Business/Corporate guidelines below).

Monthly account – Business/Corporate

  • If the customer uses the phone for business and commercial activities, user’s name can be replaced by the company's name.
  • Cannot be the user's Fido phone number.
  • Numbers can be used in the name (e.g.: warehouse 1, dispatcher 52, etc.)

That said, have you tried to change the display name via your online account? This can be easily done by going on My Account profile > selecting the number > Change Call Display Name


The change can take up to 24 hours to be implemented.


Also what could be happening is for example Samsung has its own call display I believe it's call smart display or ID something along that line.


If someone has your number stored in their Samsung account it gets shared so if you call someone with a Samsung phone your call display could be showing up as whatever others have your number stored as.

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Could it be a breach in security - when Fido asks for what my mother's maiden name...could that be what is being dispalyed?