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Brightstar is a scam and their operators are useless.

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Brighstar is such a bad idea. Please do not waste your money on this service, because they do not honour what they say they will. 


My phone was stolen on May 30th, 2020. I had a wallet phone case so all of my ID, bank card, credit card etc. was stolen along with it. So this was a really **bleep**ty thing to happen already. It took me about a day and a half to get the bank card and credit card stuff sorted. done.

So after that was delt with I called Brightstar to put in my service request. This happened on June 1st,2020. It is now June 28th and I still do not have a phone and my documents have not even been processed. 


At first i submitted the form they needed me to fill out with the informtion about what happened, cool, easy enough. along with that I needed two forms of ID, a bit more tricky, but luckily I was able to use my passport and birth certificate. And finally they asked for a utility bill, even though it says nowhere on any form on their website that this is also needed. They said it was for security reasons, which I still do not really understand. So this is where my nightmare began. see, I recently moved back home and was renting my father's basement suite. So I do not have a utility bill in my name, it is in my dad's name and I simply etransfer him my portion of the utility bill, as do most renters. So for about a week and a bit they straight up told me that there is nothing they can do. I sent in my documents anyways and sent in a copy of my father's utility bill. On this bill you could see that our last names matched and the address matched everything on the account, I was hopeful that someone with a brain would see that we are clearly related and everything still matches up. Unfortunately no such luck. So after that I was finally told that another option would be to send in my university transcript. I would like to note that I had asked if any other documents would work in lieu of the utility bill previously, such as a transcript or a paystub, I was told no. anyways, so I pay for my transcript, which was like $10 and waited over a week for it to ship to my house. I send it in and get an email two days later saying that it has been rejected, along with all of my ID. So I call Fido to get them to change the name on the account to match the name on my ID because for some reason my name on the account was only my first name and middle name, I ended up having to get them to do this two more times before it actually worked and my ID was accepted. Unfortunately they failed again to tell me that my student ID was needed to be submitted with the transcript to be valid. so again I wasted my time and money because I don't currently have my student ID because it was stolen along with everything else, and sadly due to covid I cannot go into the university at this time. So I call again and a Fido representative talks to one of their supervisors and they put my case through to escalation, for like the third time, and they say I can submit my proof of employment and that this will work, and they essentially guaranteed me that it would be dealt with. It has been five days since I submitted my proof of employment and it still has yet to be processed and every time I call they cannot tell me why it hasn't been done yet. One lady also told me that it will probably be denied.

So at this point I really wish that I had not signed up for this **bleep**ty service and had saved my $20 a month and had just used that to buy a new phone. I am so unbelievably frustrated and I am pretty sure they are just dicking me around until I give up. Jokes on them, I will be calling them till the day I **bleep**ing die, however, I have lost hope that I will ever have a new phone. I am not a person who has a lot of money to spare, I am a working student and I need a phone. If I ever do get my phone back I will be cancelling this service because it's complete **bleep**. The operators have no idea what they are doing, I was given so much misinformation its unreal, and they just do not care. I ended up crying on the phone with them multiple times and in the end the only thing they could ever tell me is to call back in two days, over and over again. I am not trying to make anyone feel bad with this post, I just genuinely want to warn people, because this has sucked so much. it should be so simple, and yet they make it impossible. Also each time I called there was no record of past escalations or contact with the Fido supervisor. So, I really feel like i am being taken advantage of. And it is super cool of fido to be signing their customers up with this **bleep** scam of a company. I gogoled reviews for brightstar and they are all awful,like it is literally a scam and screwing so many people over. I was talked into this service from a store respresentative at fido and I wish I could go back to him and make him deal with this **bleep**ing mess. at this point I feel that Fido owe me a new phone for free and then some for my time and distress. **bleep**. I will be posting this everywhere I can. 





Hello @tonimacaroni123 and welcome to the Community.

I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us here.

I understand how important it is for you to get your phone as soon as possible. Losing a device this way is not easy for anyone.


Let's take a look at your account to see what was discussed so far.

I'm sending your a PM. Talk to you soon.