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Bonus Promotion

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there,

I signed two years contract when I bought a new Iphone and I was promised a very good deal. 
After 20 days of it my 5 GB bonus data is gone and I am keep calling and going to store back and forth and nobody is helping me.

I went to store twice cause agent on call advised me to go there and when I went there they told me call back on FIDO and they all sid we cn not do anything and it's not my problem. I was promised that deal and it's gone and I want to opt out from FIDO and will return the phone cause FIDO lied.

Please check notes under my profile and reply as soon as possible and I want to file a legal complaint.



Hey @Sherryvirk7! Is it possible you changed your plan when you upgraded your device? We would need to access your account in order to verify what happened. Feel free to contact us through one of our servicing channels and we'll be glad to assist you.