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Blindsided by the $10 Value Pack, can I just go back to pay-as-you-go?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

So for 4+ years I was a pay-as-you-go customer at Fido. I spent $30 a month, was pretty happy with the service.


In February I decided to commit. A rep assured me the $30 plan would be cheaper than pay-as-you-go. My minutes and rates were all spelled out for me. I take the plunge.


First few months, all is good. Then 2 months ago I see a $10 Value Pack charge for call display and other services. Not thrilled with the surprise fee, I assumed it was a yearly fee for such trivial services. I pay for it.


Then it turns out it is a MONTHLY fee, turning my $30 plan into a $40 plan.


Are you serious? I have to pay $10 a month for stuff that was included in my pay-as-you-go service? Really?!


I'd like to go back to the pay-as-you-go. 


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Former Moderator
Former Moderator
Hey originaldave77!

If you wish to transfer your line from a monthly account to a prepaid account, you would need to call customer service at 1-888-481-3436 from a phone other than your Fido.

Please note that if you currently are under an agreement, a cancellation fee will be applicable.