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Have no idea why it so hard to fix bill payment by calling fido. Why it is so hard for customer to directly contact person in charge to fix the bill on spot. I contacted 3 times was about two hours on phone passing like soccer  ball to eachother and still after a week I see mess on my bill on phone and internet.


Here is a problem

at the time of contract with fido for internet they should have told me that phone bill is separate then internet. I was thinking phone and internet are together because they show it on website side by side when I log on my acc. So I paid internet cost via my phone and internet fee apparently not balanced other then owing the money I have to pay extra for delay.



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rHey @hombus.

I hate to see that you had all that back and forth with us and it was not resolved yet.

And yes, the phone and internet bill come in 2 seperate bills.

Let me take a look at what happened with you. I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into.


- FidoKenny