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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm sort of confused to why I got an exsclusive offer of 25 g of data for 55 dollars a month. my previous phone plan was 45 dollars a month and 4 g of data unlimted call and text . So obviously I was going to upgrade for just 10 dollars more a month. but as i've been paying my phone bill for the last 4 or so months i'm confused to why i'm paying almost double. around 100$ a month. I wasnt aware of the "extra" charges of $48 but i'm not wanting to be paying that much when I thought I was getting a better deal not paying double. and also not being aware when it clearly stated $55 dollars a month. with unlimited call and text. id like to change this if possible because it is ridiculous. dont offer me an exclusive deal when its not a deal. its just taking my money. Can someone let me know if they know how to change it or if its just for now because I upgraded my plan?


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

HI Smiley

It's just for now cause u have upgraded your plan! Very_Happy

Have a nice day Smiley

Hello @addikaila7,


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What seem to be the extra charges you're referring to?

Did you take a look at your detailed bill to see what is going on exactly?


Let us know!