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Billing issues

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, I have an issue with my billing. I recieved a bill of 297$ for a month. 2 month before i was a virgin customer, i recieved a call from fido and they told they have a better offer for me i join to them .Now the agent who talk with me offer me diffirent plan and now the give me the wrong . ok thats fine its may be miscommuncation between us but i just request to them like wave off some bill to my account now clearly the agent denyme. 


297$ a billto pay for a month . is it any sene to you fido guys . 


Bad customer service ever i recived!



Hello @RS27,


Welcome to the community! 


Were you able to view your bill to see exactly why you were charged this amount?

When you receive your first bill it can sometimes include a partial month of service in addition to a full month of service depending on what day your bill cycle is and also an activation fee (unless discussed otherwise). 


If you need help clarifying the charges, you can reach out on Facebook or Twitter or we can send you a PM.