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Billing Issue

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
When i saw the bill today morning for the new line i added in my account. Even though, it was communicated and agreed during the account activation call on Sep 2 as well as with the last supervisor's call that following discounts have been applied to the account, but still the bill is not containing all of them:
1- Account Setup Fee is waived.
2- Additional $50 credit has been applied to the account. This credit is in addition to the account setup fee waiver. Both these points were verified and confirmed by 2 persons during account setup time.
3- New line bill is $30 per month and not 32.06.
4- Since the line started on Sep 2, so billing should start from Sep 2, but the bill is starting from Aug 30, which is not right since the services were not activated on the new SIM which only started for me when the number was actually ported in from freedom mobile on Sep 2. So, the helpline people confirmed that notes have been left in account to start the billing period from Sep 2 and not from Aug 30.
All above agreed and confirmed by couple of people (Account Setup personnel + Supervisor) but still not been applied to the account.
Please do let me know how this will be handled now ?
This is soo much frustrating that once an offer is made and commitment is done and then later when the bill comes, you have to start from scratch. Please, i need this to resolve at the earliest. If there is any responsible person here who can look into this.
Thank you.
Muhammad Rizwan