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Best customer service experience

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I want to this time out to appreciate agent Uzma, who I spoke to this evening. I had an internet consumption issue with Fido and another agent had promised me to reboot the system and take off all the charges. I believed her and hung up only to see a big fat bill. I happen to call Fido agents thrice. None of the agents were professional or knew what they were doing. One of them kept me on hold for half an hour. One of them transferred my call to ROGERS MANAGEMENT. Yes she did. It's funny. But was annoying then. 
the last person I connected to was Uzma. She not only took time to understand my concern but also navigated through my previous calls with agents. She knew what she was doing. The problem wasn't the money but the disgusting service with Fido. But Uzma not only did what was promised by the previous agent but also convinced me to stay with Fido with her outstanding customer service. She was calm, patient and took all the time to understand what I was saying and where I was coming from after being disappointed by all other agents. She is the best agent I have ever spoken to. I hope this reaches out to you Uzma. Keep up the good work. 
Today, I'm staying with Fido, just because of Uzma. 



Hey @adithyashetty19,


We're so happy to learn about your great experience with Uzma! 

We'd love to take this feedback and give proper kuddo's to the agent.


We'll be sending you a PM to continue! :D

Hi @adithyashetty19 , what a wonderful testimonial to the services you received from Uzma. She would be happy to hear that you were satisfied with the outcome of your call. No one wants an unpleasant experience and I'm sure glad that you were convinced that a great csr experience helped your decision to stay with Fido.