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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Did you know that if your account is suspended due to owing $300 during a pandemic, Fido still charges the full amount every month? They won't even just stop billing so I can catch up. I'm fine having my account suspended if I owe money. But they won't give me services AND they keep charging me because "it's in the fine print", per customer support. I can't even remove data since I don't need it right now, but I still get charged for it!



Hey @twyf12! Welcome to the community. 


I'm really sad to read that your experience wasn't a positive one, it's really not what we want for our customers.


The monthly service fee is charged regardless of whether or not you have any usage. When we suspend an account for non-payment, we’re only putting a block on the services. Your account, phone number and SIM card is still active on the network. This helps avoid any cancellation fees and your phone number is reserved for you.


We understand that our customers can face financial hardships, especially during these trying times but we’re here to help. I invite you to communicate with our Credit Operations team to take a payment arrangement. You can reach them by dialing *732 directly from your mobile or 1-888-288-2106 from any phone.