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Being on hold & terrible tech support

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I've had the same issue of weak data signal since the summer (it's now December). They've tried to reset by LG G6. They've enabled WiFi calling (supposed to help with phone & data when the signal is weak). But I live in the middle of suburbia of southern Ontario! According to the most recent tech, I should have 6 bars all the time. I am lucky to have 2 bars... most often only have one tiny little bar, and even that gets dropped. I had such weak service this past Sunday in my house that I couldn't even call Tech Support...the call kept dropping. I've taken a screen shot of my lack of data when I'm standing outside in my backyard. I've called, I've attended the store, they said try a new SIM card. Ok...tried a whole new phone. Still the same problem with new Huawei P30 Pro. Nice phone... I think... but still **bleep** signal. I tried calling Tech Support... I was on hold for 30 minutes talked to somebody who said they'd put me through to tech support... and the wait time was 22 minutes... I had an appointment to get to. Today, I was only hold for 1 hour 5minutes. And still nothing. They've backed me into a corner by saying I only have 15 days to decide whether or not I want to keep this phone...when it's not the phone it's the service. If they can't fix the service, I want to discontinue my relationship with Fido. Which I can't do if they can't fix it by tomorrow...15 days. That's not a fair practice!!


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Jump ahead 2 years and it is worse. Hold on for an hour each time because I have not had voice mail for a month. They give a "solution" that doesn't work and start again. 10 calls= 10 hours. Then they escalate it to Rogers and same thing. Call back one week later to be told that no one has worked on my "ticket" . But they still y take the monthly payment regularly

Hey @BCfiddo1


That definitely sounds annoying. If you want us to have a closer look into this with you, please let us know and we'll send you a PM! 



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello @Deanna99


The experience you're describing is certainly not the one we want you to have with our network. 


The change of SIM card and device is usually 2 steps we take when we want to isolate where the issue is from (SIM card-related or device-related).


With that said, it seems to be network related. To clarify, is the network weaker only at your house or wherever you are? 


To make sure we get to the bottom of this for you, you can contact us here or alternatively we can send you a PM through the Community. 

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I don't want to get tied up with customer service and being on hold AGAIN. 

Most of the time, it was at it's most worst at home, even outside in the backyard (I took screen shots of my terrible service - 1 bar almost always). The surrounding area wasn't much better, 2 bars of my service in my area (home & work) was / is average. I couldn't call tech support from my phone because the calls were dropping (and I had WiFi calling enabled!??). I had to use my son's phone. He has a Fido iPhone XS and also gets weak service at home, however, he was able to make calls, so I used his. We don't live in a concrete box... I promise... even near the windows and outside, it's bad.

That being said, the past two or three times I've called have been horrible experiences (yesterday, on hold and no resolution for 1 hr 5 minutes). Before that, I didn't have enough time to be on hold (reportedly 22 minutes hold time). AND a week before that...I reported your customer service representative for telling me that I "should have done my research" before getting into a contract with a Huawei P30. He said he proved (somehow??) that my data signal was fine, and dismissed me because in his opinion it was the phone. I actually like the phone... we tried a second SIM card. Didn't change a thing. I had a network reset performed twice (once on each phone - - the LG G6 in the fall, and the P30 the other day).

I've been with Fido for years... this has only been an issue since the summer (which I reported back then in August, when I had a LG G6, which they suggested I change out after a network reset...eventually I did).

Unbelievable bad service. Horrible data signal. and people that aren't equipped to problem solve. Not to mention, I should have "done my research"... how ignorant!! I was doing my research.. AT YOUR STORE! 

That being said, I'm not a child... I'm a 52 year old woman that understands decent customer service. I don't appreciate how I was treated, at all. I've since, finally, after enduring all this for 6 months... have left Fido and have now establised a relationship with Virgin Mobile (which I was loathe to do!). I will be a loud and diligent consumer against your service, which is unfortunate. Your good price points cannot compensate your bad service forever.

We hear you @Deanna99!


I also want to apologize for the hold time, this is the busiest time of the year for us but we're doing everything that we can to get to all of our customers as fast as possible.


I'll send you a PM to discuss this further.


Keep an eye on your inbox, talk soon!



I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hello, I've received your PM but am unable to "reply". Not sure why. That being said, as mentioned above, I've left Fido (after years of loyalty) to go to Virgin Mobile. I vowed years ago that I would never go to Bell, but here I am. It's been THAT bad of an experience with your company. I don't want to be without phone service (dropped calls, little or no data) and it has taken too long and too much energy to even get this far. This isn't just about "now"...this has been an ongoing issue since at least August. This is about terrible customer service and lack of respect to our loyalty. There is no point in trying to fix what no longer exists. Previous to this year, I would have recommended Fido in a heartbeat, but never again. I will NOT recommend Fido. You will continue to attract customers with your economical price points, but you will have a difficult time keeping them if your awful, disrespectful "should have done your research" attitude continues, and then add salt to the wound, keep me on hold endlessly, with no results. No thank you... I've moved on. 

We're truly sad to see you go @Deanna99!


That's certainly not the level of service we expect to provide. I do apologize if we came up short in our communications. We do thank you very much for your feedback and sincerely hope we can change your mind and see you again someday.


If you have any further questions our concerns, we'll be happy to hear you out. Smiley


Let us know.