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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

My FIDO bill increased and I noticed there were fraud or unauthorized charge on Sept 18 for 3 charges from Bango for a total of $94. 89. I called Fido and they want me to call and asked the third party directly to have this rectified. I want this amount credited back to me as i dont authorized this charge or remember purchasing it. Is this a scam or what..???? Seriously fido.


Good morning @Ahor , welcome to the community. So sorry that you had unexpected 3rd party charges on your invoice. That's not something that any of us would want to happen. The charges for Bango would have come from a downloaded app from the playstore if you have an android or the app store if you have iphone. A lot of games, free apps and gambling apps have ways to get you to give them your cell number by telling you that you have won something and to enter your phone number. Once you do that, they've got your permission to bill you for absolutely nothing in some cases.

In google play, where you set up your payment method, in the settings there is a payment method to enable direct billing to your fido invoice. go into payment methods, and find where it says Fido and select that, if it says enable, disable it. you can also delete any credit cards on file with google play as you don't need a credit card on file to access your apps. Best solution is don't have any payment method in the app and pay for them on a case by case basis with your permission required. That's the best advice I can offer. all the best, OL