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Bad customer service!

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I have been a fido customer for 20 years. I tried getting the $50/15gb Fido (Winback program) they offer, it's basically an offer for former fido clients who have switched to another carrier to go back with Fido.

Today I tried to get that plan, instead I spoke with a useless, rude customer representative, I asked to speak to a supervisor/loyalty dept. But she pretended to be communicating with one via computer,,,, long story short she was useless, and I basically told to go ahead and switch with "Freedom Mobile"


Another client gone.






Hey @Janz and welcome to the Community.

We do want you to have the best possible experience with us. We do want you to keep your services with Fido as well.


To go over your options, we will need to access your account.

We have a PM coming your way so we can see what was discussed so far.

Talk to you soon.