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Automatic Payment Issue

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I have already set-up automatic pay and have an email confirmation. But on the payment day, amount was not deducted.


Out of concern I reached out to the customer care to check if my account is all set. The person informed it is all set and the payment would go through before end of the day. 

I checked the next day and my account was in past due and then I had to make a manual payment. 

So my questions are - 

1. Why did not my payment go through?

2. Why the previous agent did not give me correct information?

3. I will not pay any late payment fee for your mistake. How can I avoid it?



Hello @Indrani,


Welcome to the Community!


I appreciate te details you've provided, and I am sorry for the misinformation you were given. You will find the details about pre-authorized payments here. It's explained in details.


When you add a card on the account for pre-authorized payments, the withdrawal will only begin as of the next billing cycle. Our system takes a full cycle to update the informations. This also applies when you replace an expired card as well. So, the first payment after the card has been added has to be made manually to avoid any late payment fees.


The late payment charge is billed when the payment is not received in its due date and is equal to 3% per month. If it was Fido's error and you're billed this fee on your next invoice, you can contact us and we can assist you with.


Here are some other details you need to know:


  • Payments are processed roughly 14 days after the next bill cycle close date and the bill will indicate the date of the withdrawal. 
  • You can dial *28 at any time from your Fido phone to know your current account balance.
  • We accept international credit cards for pre-authorized credit card payments. 
  • Only Canadian prepaid credit cards are accepted. 


If the payment does not go through on the first attempt we retry 3 more times. Here is the retry schedule for declined credit card pre-authorized payments: 


  • 1st Retry: 7 days after initial due date (given on your bill) 
  • 2nd Retry: 7 days after 1st retry 
  • 3rd Retry: 7 days after 2nd retry


If the payment is declined on the 3rd retry, you will be charged a $50 administrative fee. Payments that are not withdrawn after the third retry are also added to the next month’s balance.


I hope this clarifies!