Authentication of text messages

Authentication of text messages

Authentication of text messages

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Authentication of text messages

For legal reasons I need to authenticate that certain SMS communication was recieved by and sent from my Fido phone. 

Is there a means of doing this?


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We can provide you with the times and dates of the SMS and more details if you have a legal matter, a court order is required though. That being said, as mentioned by @KAPABLE-K we do not keep the SMS contents on our end.


You can reach out to us here for more details on how to proceed to file your claim or we can send you a PM on this platform if you prefer.


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Unfortunately there is no way to do that, Fido does not log text messages for privacy reasons.


If you have a legal matter then I would suggest you do not delete the messages from that phone and you can use that phone as evidence that the messages was sent and received by your phone. You can discuss that with a lawyer.