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Asked for prepaid package, got a monthly, how to cancel?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I asked for a prepaid package to use for 1 month but got a month to month package instead.

I need the package for just one month only.

How do I cancel after one month?

I also got a credit hit  just because the representative gave me monthly package.

I was stupid just to sign the paper without looking at the details



Hi @him7403,


Welcome to Community Smiley


Seems like there was a real misunderstanding at the time of the activation; my apologies for that.


Rest assured though that even if you ended up activating a monthly line, you have the freedom of cancelling it whenever you like; no prior notice required. Also, you'd only be charged up until the day you put a cancellation request through. 


That said, you can contact us here to ask for cancellation or we can send you a PM to do it for you.