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Any plans to do something with spam SMS?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I moved to Canada 5 years ago and became Fido customer around the same time. The amount of SMS spam I receive here is just beyond any comprehension. What I don't understand is how Fido cannot block these mass messages. Somehow European carriers managed to solve the problem of "the spoofed phone numbers that are impossible to block". EVERY message I get has a phishing link. Most messages are targeting banking or delivery service companies. These patterns are so easy to detect. We still live in time where SMS does not have end to end encryption. Why cannot Fido just prevent SMS to be delivered when more than X people received the same text? 



Hello @llkwmlkm,


Thank you for your feedback. We definitely understand how annoying receiving these spam messages is. You can rest assured that we have nothing to do with these kinds of messages/calls, and don’t support them in anyway. We're also working with industry partners to limit their reach to our customers.


Please forward the content of the SMS to 7726 (SPAM), to register it for investigation and blocking from Fido network. Messages sent to 7726 will be analysed in batches as they are received. If a trend is identified as spam it will be blocked from out network.