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Alcatel Go-Flip goes straight to voicemail

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

My phone never lets me answer incoming calls if I am more than 15 seconds in getting to it.  In fact the caller does not even hear it ring - it jumps directly to voicemail.  I have been through the settings menu repeatedly - there are no call forwarding options, and airplane mode is not on.  None of the other solutions on the internet are Alcatel specific. Do I have to wait hours on the phone for FIDO tech support to fix this problem?


Hi @Rusty69 , have you rectified your issue yet? I would suggest that you contact Fido customer support by one of the methods mentioned Here  and request a reset of the number of rings for your vm. I usually contact fidosolutions on Twitter to request assistance. (no waiting on the phone) Hopefully you can get a resolution quickly. Cheers