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About to Leave Fido

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am so disappointed in my experience with the regular employees of FIDO and their 'supervisors'.   Last year I left fido for Shaw due to the deal they have and the amount of data you get.   I asked about this deal and I was told numberous times they could not match it, and gave me a substandard offer.  I told them I would leave and go to Shaw and pay any penalties, as being a loyal customer for years, I am not happy you have to threaten to get a better rate to keep you as a customer.  So with that they said sorry and asked if I wanted the cancellation dept.  I laughed and said no...went to a Shaw Mobile dealer and switched.   A few hours later when my number got ported over, I got a email and phone call from a 'Fido Ambassador' asking what they could do to bring me back.   I told them I wanted the same deal and needed my monthly bill to come down.   The then offered me the same deal, but lower a month.   I then came back.  A few days later I decided to pay my current phone off and get the new Samsung S20+.  I got my new phone and love it.   Later on I realized that my plan was now different and went from 25GB to 1GB + 1GB =2GB .   I did see that this was $45 a month, minus a $40.00 monthly credit for 2 years...making it $5 a month, plus my device protection and phone payment.  Was ok with this, but kept going over.  Got a offer for 9gb same price (but found out after I applied) that the discount was gone.  HMMMM....   I contact a fido agent and asked to either get my discount or put back my old plan.  They said they could not help me as it was a 'loyalty' offer.   I told them this saga...and surprise...they could not help me.  Told them I am leaving again, and they did not seem to care.   So now I am going to SHAW again and will not be back.   Get it together FIDO.



Hey @islandlife


We're really sorry to read about your experience and we would be sad to see you go.


Most offers are only available for a limited time but you should be notified at least 30 days in advance. We also don't have access to the same offers as Winback, unfortunately but we can still review your account for possible options. Since you already spoke with customer service on the phone, we can send you a PM from here. Let us know if you would like that. Smiley