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A Thank-you letter to a tech support employee

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I would like to thank one of your employes for her help and support, and that she didn't give up on my issue, although it took her a ot of time to find a person in tech support who understood the issue. A HUGE thank you to Latoya id i1975744671 for all the help, support laughs, enthusiasm, optimism and PERSISTENCE in resolving one of the weirdest issues with the Fido App. My problem was that initially I had 2 lines - one for me, and one for my husband. Then we decided to separate our numbers, and after my wiresless service cancelation is when we both started to have trouble logging in to our apps. I called tech support, and my husband's issue with logging in was resolved in 24 hours. However, I still had no access to my account on the app, so I decided to call tech support yesterday and was lucky enough to have Latoya on the line with me! We had been talking for 1.5 hour! So, after a long investigation, Latoya told me that there seemed to be glitch in the system. and that the system showed my account as cancelled, and so she submitted a form to tech support to help resolve it. She called me less than 24 hours after our initial call on 25th Feb to check with me if everything was okay and inform that the issue was resolved by tech support. There were some problems at the beginning, but we managed to recover access to my account by changing my email address while keeping my account number the same. Again, a HUGE thank you to everyone and Latoya in the first place, you are awesome!


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Thank you SO MUCH for the positive feedback @KseniiaB !! 


This is awesome! 


If you don't mind, we're going to send you a PM so we can track down Latoya and share this with them and their manager Smiley 


Chat soon!