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A Cautionary Scammy Tale

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I seldom answer my phone but got a call from (905) 553 4011 marked as Vaughan, just up the road from me in Missisauga. It sounded like an Indian Call Centre. The agent to me as I was a long established customer and always paid my bill on time, I was elegible for $30 off my bill. That sounded fair, so he asked me to log into the Fido App and tell him the exact dollar amount of the. I told him that from an email and he said he would complete the promotional offer. Then after asking for further details, he asked what phone I had (iPhone 12 Pro), and he said "ah an OLD one", he would send me an iPhone 15 Pro 256GB at zero cost. Okay now it is sounding scammy, and I said I didn't want a new phone yet. He said he could still give me the $30 offer and would put me through to a supervisor. He asked all my details again, and was repeating my name wrong and my email address was wrong. We got all that sorted out, I know my phonetic radio operator alphabet. The phone line was dead for a long time, so I hung up and went and had lunch. This evening I got another phone call when I was right in the middle of something, he said 'I just need the 6 digit number that we just sent you', busy and flustered, I gave him the number, then I read the small print about 'no one from Fido with ever ask for a security number or password'. I read this to him and he assured me that all was well and it was just so they could complete the offer. Then I caught my gold bracelet on fence and it flew off into long grass, so I hung up. I found it after 10 minutes, looked back at the text message, and below the security code text and text confirmed 'MY PASSWORD HAD BEEN CHANGED'! So a frantic phone call to Fido Customer Support and the lovely agent checked my details and I have to quickly drive 3 minutes to home to get on WiFi. I logged onto the Fido App and tried to log in and my password had indeed been changed! Clicked Forgot Password, got a code and made a new password. The 905 number has phoned me 5 times ince then so I have blocked the number.


My conclusion is that these people were a Fido appointed Sales Centre in India and don't care what they do to get sales. I'll get my phone from the local mall like normal or via the App or Website. 


Good morning @AndrexT , that's quite the experience that you shouldn't have had. All the processes you have mentioned are a big red flag regarding scams. You were definitely scammed and by them getting access to your account with the personal information they gleaned from you, it came close to working. Scammers or so tricky these days and they work hard to get your trust and then your information. This is not a fido experience or caused by fido. As you read, Fido will Never ask for your password or financial information. I'm happy to hear you were able to reclaim your account. 

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Thanks very much, I had a similar experience and realized it was a scam also. The # they gave me to call them back was 647 598 1940 

Hello AshCha647,


  Welcome to the community!


  Thank you for sharing letting the community know you've had a similar experience. As queried in my post below, have you reported your incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre? The number you provided appears to be the same as the one shown in AndrexT's email. While it's true many of these SCAMs / SPAMs are made using spoofed phone numbers, that number is offered as a contact number. Reporting your experience to them might give them further evidence to investigate.


Hope this helps 😀



I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Thank you Lucy and the intrigue continues. I have had 12 calls today which I ignored from 4 different phone numbers, 6 messages left dead air voice messages the same as yesterday.  Then I got a strange text message from 'Fido' that says ' hi it's Fido your account number ending (4 numbers). The amount on your last invoice is $51.98 dated on 2024-05-20. The last payment was  $51.98 received on 2024-06-01 . There is no balance due on your account'.

I believe that to be correct and is from Fido, but I have never had a test SMS about my bill before as is is all automatic.


And now it gets interesting, I received an email from (the domain is unreachable) with Fido logos and banners as follows and the phone number that ends 1940 is the one that phoned me 5 times today. I would love to know if this is legit or scammy, but it is bad form putting the dollar sign after the 46$ and the phone doesn't say that the storage is?


Welcome to MyFido

From   :
Date   :   June , 06 2024
To     :   my email
Dear  Customer,

                Andrew Taylor

This is to inform you that you are eligible
for a special promotion in which you are getting
100 Gigs of data plan and without any contract
and 1000 international minutes. On top of that
you are getting an Iphone 15 Pro Max on promotion

The details are as follows :-
Upgradetion   :  Iphone 15 Pro Max (Black)
Period             :  24 months/2 year
Plan                :  unlimited gigs with unlimited calls
Next bill          :  $36.19 a month includeing tax each and everything
Discount         :  46$ For the next two year
For more details kindly reach us back on
the mentioned number below:
Employee name  : SAM MAXWELL  
Employee no    : 544WCT
Direct line no : (647) 598-1940


Hello AndrexT,


  Thank you for sharing your tale. Sorry to hear of your situation. As Original_Lucy noted, I don't think the call you received yesterday was actually from Fido. Firstly, I think Fido's outbound team would use an official Fido line to make calls, not a personal line like the 905 number. With the amount of SCAM / SPAM calls being made with spoofed phone numbers, it's possible the owner of that number had nothing to do with the call made to you. In addition, the conversation you note seems to collect information from you.


  Unfortunately, there have been a rash of SCAM calls recently offering deals on those phones (see here, here, here...). The callers claim to be from Fido (or another provider) and offer deals on high end devices. During the calls, the scammers obtain enough information from a victim to order a device. There is usually some sort of mistake with the order (ie wrong device or model or colour etc) and they provide you with a so-called return shipping label. However, the label does not return the device to the provider, but rather sends it to the scammers. There are also likely other variations of the same SCAM.


  I'm not surprised that you might see an increase in SCAM / SPAM calls in the near future. They were successful (at least partially) in obtaining information from you.


@AndrexT wrote:

....Then I got a strange text message from 'Fido' that says ' hi it's Fido your account number ending (4 numbers). The amount on your last invoice is $51.98 dated on 2024-05-20. The last payment was  $51.98 received on 2024-06-01 . There is no balance due on your account'.

I believe that to be correct and is from Fido, but I have never had a test SMS about my bill before as is is all automatic.


  It's possible that the fraudsters made changes to your account, including notifications, when they had access to it before you changed your password.


  I highly suspect that email you received to be fradulent. Firstly, any offers from Fido would be from their promotional outbound email. There are also little items in the text itself:


 Lunar New Year was in February

 Spelling mistakes: Upgradetion , includeing ...

 ... and everything ~ most companies would be specific and not use such a generalised term

  The number provided appears to be a Telus exchange number (see here)


  You did notice the placement of the dollar sign. The 46$ isn't necessarily bad form. That format is regularly used by French Canadians (see here). What's unusual is the use of both formats in the same document. You might consider taking a screenshot of the email and forwarding it to (see here).


  Have you reported your incidents to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre? In addition to reporting your incident(s), you might also consider following the information provided here.


  If you were not aware, you should note that these forums are community-driven and not intended as a venue for customer services. You might also consider contacting customer service again to verify no other changes were made on your account. They may also refer you to their Fraud department. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


Hope this helps 😀