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1000 Minutes International Calls

I'm a visitor
I'm a visitor

My plan is 8GB $50/Month. The staff says 1000 minutes international calls are available for this plan. But in 'Talk&Text -> Detail', I could not find anything indicating this service is included. Thus, I am wondering if I could make 1000 minutes international calls for free. Thanks!


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello XIXIX,


  Welcome to the community!


  The 1000 International minute promotion might not be available on all offered plans. If you're not seeing the minutes in your My Account, your best option would be to contact customer service. They can verify whether your particular plan is compatible with that promotion.


  If you do have the 1000 International call minutes with your plan, you should note that the minutes are only applicable on calls made to certain Countries. You can view the included Countries here. You should also note that many such promotional offers are not indefinitely available. There is likely an end-date.


Hope this helps 😀