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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I've been using Fido for more than 2 years.

I brought my own phone and got the Fido plan at a Fido store. I was told that my plan included 1000 min International minutes. However, I checked my last bill and found that the international minutes were charged without any notice. I contacted a live agent and he told me that the 1000 min International minutes was only for 24 months and no longer available. Hence I need to pay for this bill.


I was dissatisifed as the person at Fido store did not tell me that the 1000 min International minutes was only for 24 months. Besides, the information given on my Fido account was also not clear such that I was not able to know my plan specifications and available periods. If I were told about this policy change I wouldn't have called internationally any more over the past month. Usually I pay $113 for 2 people (2 lines) each month, but the newest bill I have to pay much more because of the international call charge.


I was not happy about this and would like to make an appeal and complaint about this, as I belive it is Fido's responsibility to notify the customers and provide details in the Fido account as well.


I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

It's ridiculous that you're expecting people to read a small little print saying the long-distance is ending. He's not the only one whos' experiencing this. THere are many others who are experiencing the same thing and you seriously got to do something about it.  I got a call asking me about what services I have, no one ever mentioned what services of mine are ending? So you are basically saying you have the budget to make money off of people but not support them.  

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thanks for the explanation, however I would still possibly change my carrier in the coming months. 


Why would Fido hide the promotion information in the Fido account, and just put it in the bill statements? As I can see clearly my rest plan details expect the international call in the Fido account, I believe this is rather misleading. Fido definitely knows that many customers including myself would not have just checked the total dollars in the statements rather than checking the details, and Fido is hoping people to pay more just because of the carelessness.

I am also disappointed by Fido's customer service as I was told by a live agent that he cannot leave an appeal email address for me. I knew many other carriers such as Virgin mobile they allow appeal or complaint of certain issues after communicating with live agents. 


I still  believe it's the duty of Fido to clearly inform the users about any plan changes beforehand. Anyways while disappointed by the way Fido handles the issues, I will still pay the bill for the extra usage. 

I am just describing and hopefully the other users keep an eye on their statements. 





Hello @wuyichen12,


The 1000 free international minutes are never permanent and usually have an expiry date, whenever a promotion is ending Fido will notify us at least 3 months in advance on our invoices. If you check your last 3-4 invoices you will see the notification that the promotion is ending.