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$100 for 365 days missleading

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

My mum uses the $100 for 365 days for a few years.  Recently I found out that she's charged $12 per month from the $100 deposit.  I contacted a rep and was advised I was on a $12 plan since 2018.  I never requested to change to a $12 and Fido has no $12 per month plan.  The $100 for 365 days was started a few years back as a pay-per-use.  Fido just changed the way they charged without any notification.  I have been dealing with Fido charges issues from time to time for a few years (since 2015/2017?) (credit being removed).  Every single time either no follow-ups after (PM) or have another agent treated my threads as new and started asking if I still have an issue like it never been dealt with. This is my comments and my old threads that never been dealt with, I still have a screenshot.  So let see these comments would stay like new for how long with how many agents go on and on to start with a new Hello.


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Hello WenUser,


  It sounds like there is some confusion regarding the pre-paid services. The first thing to note is that the top-ups are not related to services per se. The $100 for 365 days is not a pay-per-use plan. The top-ups or vouchers only add monetary funds to a customer's account. The top-up values have a set expiry date (see here). Note that is not the same as an expiry extension. That is, the expiries are not additive. For example, with the $100 top-up value, that expiry is 365 days -- from date of purchase. If you topped-up $100 today and again next week, the expiry date for the total value would still be 365 days from the last top-up date. It would not be 358 + 365 for a total 723 days.


  Not considering any services or plans, if an account was topped up with $20 dollars, those funds would expire after 30 days (unless the account was further topped-up within the grace period; see link above). Similarly, a top-up of $100 would expire after 365 days. If the total value of the account is used prior to that expiry, the account would not continue to stay active for the remainder of that time. A further top-up would be required and its expiry determined by its value denomination.


  As you note, Fido used to offer their Anytime per minute plan. That plan was essentially a typical pay-per-use plan. It didn't matter which denomination a customer used to top-up their account as long as funds were available in their account for usage. As far as I am aware, Fido discontinued that plan and migrated those customers to a prepaid by the month plan in 2018. Customers with the Anytime per minute plan should have been given notice of the migration at that time.


  At that time, I believe customers were migrated to the $10 per month plan which included a certain number of minutes and text messaging. However, that plan did not include the 75¢ 9-1-1 Emergency Access Fee (non-government fee) so the cost of that plan was $10.75. Depending on your Province, with taxes, that could total around $12.


Hope this helps 😀