wifi drops for cell phone

wifi drops for cell phone

wifi drops for cell phone

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wifi drops for cell phone

anyone having issues with the hitron wifi router dropping certain devices or all of sudden slowing to crawl then picking back up?


i know it has to be the modem, as last month i was with Start.ca and used my own router (netgear) with their modem  and NEVER had a device get dropped from wifi. 


i never had a slow down with Start.ca so I assume the internet slowing to a crawl had to do with the router/modem having some issues. I have verified the slowdown happens with hardwired devices as well. 


can i reconfigure my start.ca modem to work with fido? I would rather use my own devices as the cutouts are impacting my ability to work from home.


i am on software version -

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Hey @chenzo84!


Let the Community know if FidoJulien's suggestion helped you out!


Hey @chenzo84


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Did you try resetting your modem to see if it helps?


As for using your own equipment, you wouldn't be able to use your own modem with our service, but you could use your own router.


Let us know how it goes! Smiley