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no technician available to fix my existing home internet

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi Fido,


Sorry to say but your technical support team has disappointed my expectations.


I dont have interner aince yesterday. i called they did diagnostic and told me they need a technician to visit and fix this issue.

Worst part is that no technician is available for next 3 days. Which means i will have no internet for 3 days. 

atleast existing customers should be placed on priority. My family need internet for job, School etc and now they dont have ebougj technician to fix iasue.

Thia iasue is bot from any splitter inside house because i have direct cable coming into my house from main street box to which my modem is attached.


very disappointing 



Hi there @mharif , sorry to hear that you are without your internet. There's not much one can do these days when we wait on home visits for tech support except to challenge our inner patience. I was without internet and tv for 8 days in June, we had a neighbourhood issue (with a different service provider). The challenges with staff shortages and difficulty in hiring and training new employees is stretching most companies abilities to deliver quickly. All I can do is recommend staying patient and wait for the service technician. Times are not easy right now. Have a better day and wish you well. Cheers