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Help - Set restriction on users in my family

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


My kids stay up late for laptop, ipad. I want to set restriction on their usage, i.e, from this time to that time, on specific Nick/ID so that they go to bed on time. I normally go to bed at 11.30pm but don't know how to stop internet access so that my son won't stay late.


Good morning @VivianNguyen1 , I understand that you would like to restrict access to the internet at night. I'm not familiar with Fido internet, but I did find This thread in the forums that could help you restrict access. There's step by step instructions for adding parental controls to the modem. I used to unplug the modem and take it to bed with me back in the day. 😆 🤣 needless to say that putting parental controls on is a better option. Hope this works for you.