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Wifi Issue with Hitrol CGN3U - replaced modem?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1



I had to replace a modem yesterday as per advice of the technical personnel as I had issues with internet connectivity with the old one.


The old was Hitron Coda 4582u and never had any problem except slow connection speeds once in a while and restarting the modem will resolve the issue, however the replaced one(actually it is already used one - have scratches/wear and tear - got this from Fido store as per advise from Tech) is having connectivity issues when tried connecting via wifi.  


None of the app on my phone connects to the internet and displays ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE or returns blank screen when connected to wifi.  Same Apps works fine with mobile internet - which is also again Fido.  Tried restarting the modem couple of times with no positive results.


Help please,





Hey @mrraffu! I am sorry to learn your replacement modem is not working as it should. Have you contacted our technical support team about this?


If not, we'd suggest reaching out to them so they can troubleshoot this with you to determine the root cause of this, and if necessary authorize another swap.