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Poor home internet speed

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3
  • Home internet is complete waste of time. Cheaper plan with perks but ruins subscribers entirely.  From the day first, the download speed is 2.1 mbps for advertised plan of 150 mbps. Tech support is just full with lies and drama. In-person tech support technician suggest you to go to Rogers store to pick up new Fido modem which is total LIE. Second tech support personnel tells that modems are shortage and go to nearby Fido store in lockdown. Lie after lie. Almost each and ever tech support personnel lies to cover deficiency of Fido Home internet plans. 
    you complain to tech support about speed, in person tech support gives you story though it's your problem. 
    you may find some one polite and truthful tech support but it don't resolve your speed issue. 
    Going to cancel all at once. Can't tolerate 5-6 hours per day in attempt to resolve speed issues with Fido Home Internet.  It will never resolve. Fido Home internet do not have enough bandwidth to generate speed


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Bob118! Smiley


You should definitely be getting speeds closer to what's advertised in your package and we'd love to work towards a resolution!


In terms of modem swaps, it may indeed be the modem at fault. The swaps are done via tech support and the new modem would be sent by mail. Would you be able to speak with tech support to see if they can swap it out? You can reach them directly at 1-888-259-3436!


I hope that helps out, they'd really be the ones best equipped to figure this out for you.