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Why is Fido doesn't share is Internet customer service number?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Has anyone ever tried to look up the customer service number of Fido's Internet division? You can't find it anywhere. It is because Fido doesn't want to share it. 


If you need to call Fido Internet about any issue, you have to use Fido's customer service center for mobile customers and there is always a long wait time.


If Fido wants to direct all its traffic through one customer service center, why is it so cheap to not hire enough people to address the volume?


I finally got the number from a call center representative of theirs. It is 1-888-236-3436. Even she told me that the number is not available anywhere on their website. 


Why is Fido being so cheap?




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Senior MVP

Hello Musicgold,


  Sorry to hear you're having issues contacting Fido's Technical support. However, to clarify, the number has been readily available on their Call contact page. You can access Fido's Contact Us page from most, if not all, of their website's pages near the bottom of the page. To access their contact numbers, Contact Us --> My Fido Services --> Call Us (under Get in touch). Once there, you'll notice that the Internet Technical support number is listed.


Hope this helps 😀