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Two credit pulls shown on my credit report for opening one internet account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So I ordered the internet account on March 22. Installation was needed and scheduled on March 24. Somehow, no one showed up. I called them on March 26. Fido said there was something wrong with the installation appointment. And I asked her if she could reschedule for me. She said yes, but she couldn't change the original appointment time as the system wouldn't allow. She went head cancel the previous appointment and reschedule a new one. The installation was done a day after.


However, on my credit report, there were 2 inquiries. One from March 22 when I ordered the internet service. The second one is from March 26. I think what happened is that the customer service lady cancelled my previous home internet thing, and re-do the whole thing again in order to re-schedule the installation appointment as the original one couldn't be modified. Now, I had two credit pulls within 4 days on the same internet account. 


Also, the reason why I made this guess is because I actually received two welcome letters from Fido saying "Here is your internet service and etc". This is ridiculous that Fido didn't inform me about the second inquiry. And it's not right for the same service, same address, same internet plan, but just rescheduling the appointment should initiate another credit inquiry.


Is this something that Fido can solve? If not, I guess the only way is to dispute with Transunion? 



Hi there @Since1864 and welcome to the Community!


This shouldn't have happened. Have you got the chance to speak with customer service or our credit operation team more specifically to inquire about your situation yet? If yes, what did they tell you?


If not, I would strongly recommend you to start with them as they are trained specifically for those situations. Credit operations agents support customers through:


- fax: 1-514-937-7205 / 1-888-327-3436

- live chat

- via call centre: *732 or 1-888-288-2106 (toll free)


Keep us posted!



- FidoVan