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Pathetic customer service and technical support

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
We signed up for internet for October 1st. we got our modem, plugged it in and no internet
so we asked for tech support and after being on hold for many hours and on chat for many hours since Saturday we got a tech to our address at 10 am Monday,
When i say hours on hold and on hold with chat i am talking about more then a few hours
the tech showed up and told us he needs to drill a hole for new outlet
we got permission and he said call back and he will return. We called back and were told no not till next day. Then i spoke to a manager and they said someone would come at 4 pm
no one showed up
they put in their notes no one was home and no one answered the phone, which is a lie as we work from home, there are no missed calls and i received an instacart order aroud the same time
so we got another appointent for today between 2 to 4 and when they called they were at the wrong adress
we asked why they were at that address and they said that is where they were sent
we asked them to come to the right address and were told oh thats not my area too bad reschedule
We have been 5 days no internet, we work from home, we have been using our phone data to do our jobs and our bosses are not happy. This is a travesty of customer service and tech support
We are a repeat customer and if we do not get our internet tonight we are going to another provider
I have sdpoken to customer service, tech support, supervisors and managers and no one seems to be able to get this right
I am at the point of a CCTS complaint
The manager I spoke to was supposed to call me back by 5 pm and well here we are and no call back


Hi there @pcdebbert1 and welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to read about your experience with us and do want to change this around for you. You can reach us out in private on either Facebook or Twitter so that we can access your account and provide you the required assistance.


We hope to chat with you soon there!