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No home internet

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Live in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Been without internet for almost 12 hrs now. Started at around 9:45am when it went down. Waited a while to se if it would come back on and nothing. So around 1pm I called support and was told the there was a major outage in the area and would be fixed by 7pm. So got home around 8:45pm and still no internet. So I called technical support once again to discuss my problem and the guy was rude and hung up on me. So I called back, waited 20 min for a tech, and was told it would be fixed by 9:30pm. So waited and still down. So I tried calling back and now their live support centres are closed. Totally unexplainable in my opinion, but you can just use online services right?  So I tried this and jack says all is good in my area, which I know is total bs because not only am I out, so are several of my neighbours on the block. So I tried what jack said and have power cycled my modem several times to no avail. No surprise there. So I try calling support again only to find out that live operators are not available. Sorry but this is total bs. Been 11hrs now and still nothing working and no way now to find out what and when the problems in my area will be fixed?  I will definitely be looking for a new provider now. Never been treated so horribly for service that should be working and if not should be able to get ahold of a live person to talk to instead of getting the run around from the automated services. But thank you Fido for helping me and my neighbours choose someone else. Your lack of customer support is unacceptable. 



Hey @HowardA


Welcome to the Community!


I am truly sorry to learn that your recent experience wasn't positive with us. We do appreciate your feedback in this regard! Rest assured that is not how we want it to be. 


Our internet technical support is available 24/7 though. Did you contact us through the number provided here?


Was your service restored after all?


If you still need help, you are welcome to send us a private message @FidoSolutions and we'd be happy to look into it with you.