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Is connection possible from the Fido modem to my network-capable TV set?

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Just recently got Fido internet up and running, and would like to be able to view e.g. Netflix or Youtube or other video streaming services on our TV set, which does have Ethernet built in. Is is possible to get this working with the included Ethernet cable?



Hello @brashley46,


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If your TV has an ethernet port you can use the cable to connect it to your modem, if your TV also has WiFi you can also connect that way also.  

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Ah, after looking we discovered that the ethernet connection is via our blue-ray player, not directly to the TV ... and the old blue-ray has settings for Netflix and a number of other streaming video services, but not e.g. Youtube or Amazon Prime. There is a Bluetooth capability on the set, and HDMI, and a USB port ... hmmmm. It is a relatively old Toshiba set, seven or eight years old. Both HDMI ports are currently occupied by the blueray player and our home network box. The USB port is not occupied.

Hello Brashley46,


  Could you please clarify a couple of things? Firstly, is your television a SmartTV? That is, is it actually network-capable? Secondly, were you sucessful in connecting the ethernet to your blue-ray player to stream Netflix? Thirdly, is your home network box a cable or satellite box?


  If your television is indeed network-capable, it might be able to connect to internet via Wifi rather than ethernet cable. The internet configuration should be found within the television's settings. Whether or not your television is capable of streaming Netflix or YouTube or Amazon Prime would depend on its available apps.


  If you were able to stream Netflix via your blue-ray device but not YouTube or Amazon Prime, you might have to consider getting a different media streaming device in order to use those services. Unless those services are available on the device, it would not be possible to add them.


  The Bluetooth capability would be to connect to wireless speakers or headphones. The USB port would allow USB device to provide an additional memory to software upgrade and enjoy BD-LiveTM bonus content. You can also enjoy playing back MP3/JPEG/MPEG4 files stored on the USB device. Neither would be able to connect to the internet.


  There are many media streaming devices available these days. If you decided to get an additional device to stream YouTube and/or Amazon Prime, you would also need to consider some sort of HDMI swtich since your television only has two ports. On the other hand, you could consider a newer blue-ray device capable of all of your desired streaming services.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Thanks, @Cawtau , I suppose we shall have to find another device. As I noted the TV is not a "smart" TV, dating from before those were affordable for people in our income bracket, and therefor is not actually network-capable ... It does have an input port to act as a computer monitor, but that is no help without a really long monitor cable. Oh well. I shall have to mark this as a solution, althought it is more of a resolution!