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Insane wait time and Always over calculating bill

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am trying to reach Fido for past 2 weeks  my calls always end this way

  1. i am on waiting for 1-2 hours
  2. i will get transfer  to person who doesn't deal with home internet . The agent can be of sale, can be of mobile but not internet 
  3. Then that agent again transfers me and i am again in wait for 2 hours 
  4. then my calls get disconnected

It been going on past 2 weeks. as if i dont have any other work just to be on call with FIDO


No the reason i am trying to Speak to customer care. 


I called FIDO internet on 22 OCT  made payment of 129$ that include the period of 2 Oct to Nov 2 .Also provided my credit card detail to make automatic payment. On that call spent 1.5 hours with agent  apart from waiting time resolve multiple things . It was promised to me following things

  1. That my bill is covered till nov 2
  2.  will get charge 45$ per month from nov2 onwards i.e my bill is reduce to 45$ include tax for next 12 months
  3. I will get a 150$ gift card email soon in next two weeks (That was promotion given to me when I took this connection ), but I haven't received till then (even now )


Now  When new bill was generated

  1. There was bill charge from 22 oct to 2 Nov based on 45$ charge(which I have already paid in 129 $)
  2. Then there was late payment charge of 1.29 $ even though I have paid everything in full.
  3. I imagined that it should get paid in automatic as I registered for auto payment and I will resolve this over charge issue later , however it didn't get paid and second bill was generated with 10$ late payment charge

i.e I have been wrongly charged for this

  • I have been charged 19.5$  for the period of 21 Oct to 2 Nov  for which I have  already paid 28$
  • I have been charged 1.29$ for late payment when I have already paid everything on 21 oct
  • Then auto payment was not completed by agent in last call costed me 12$ extra


  1. I never received the email for 150$ gift card


To resolve all this I wanted to talk as I said I have been on call with FIDO for past 2 weeks and even today since 12 PM and still at 2:29 pm and yet no agent





Hey @PriyaJ! Philippe here. Welcome to the communtiy. Smiley


Thank you very much for your patience with us! Have you been able to reach an agent since your post?


If not, you can request a PM from the community and we'll be happy to help you here.