Home internet service interrupted

Home internet service interrupted

Home internet service interrupted

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Home internet service interrupted

I called Fido internet at 2017/07/19 6:20 PM because I can't not get my internet working. After nearly 30mins, the woman told me that there is a service interruption around my area that cause the problem. She told me it "usually"  will get fixed shortly.


And after nearly 5 hours, it is still not get fixed. I had to use my mobile hotspot to work and forced to postpone a client meeting. Never in my life, I had experience such a long internet problem without a proper notice. Worst experence ever.:catmad::catmad:     


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Hey @GaryMeOn

Did this end up getting resolved? How was it fixed?

Let us know! I'm sure the info can help out others here on the Community Wink



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Hello GaryMeOn,


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  Have you tried to reboot your modem since the service interruption?  Sometimes they need to refresh IP addresses following outages.


Hope this helps Smiley