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Home Internet Modem Return

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I took over another persons Fido internet account for 4 months before cancelling due to a move.

I called to cancel because there is no way to cancel online. (I hate this)

The next day I went to a Canada Post office with the email to print a prepaid shipping label.

I would have preferred to return it in person but was told that no Fido stores would accept. (I hate this)

I packaged the internet equipment with the printed label and handed it over to the post office worker to be shipped back to Fido.

When cleaning out my car I threw out the confirmation receipt from Canada Post.

3 weeks later I am receiving emails from Fido urging me to return what I have already handed over to Canada Post. 

The tracking number provided in the Fido emails has no information. 

If I am charged the unreturned equipment fee I will have eternal hatred towards Fido.



Hello @Hatred

Thank you for sharing what happened to you here. Your experience with us is a priority and we definitely want the modem return to go as smoothly as possible on your side.

Due to Covid-19, the return of the modem in a store is not available for now.

Based on what you explained, you went with the courier method in which we send you a Canada-Post label for the return.

With that notification you received, I invite you to contact us to verify the status of your return. You can find all the ways to reach us here.