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Home Internet Down for Over a Week and a Half/Horrible Communication

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Posting for visibility. Long story.


We have been without internet since Tue Nov 6th now. Called the next day on Wed Nov 7th for techs to come over and check the problem and couldn't get anyone to come until 2 days later. Fine.


Two technicians came on Friday Nov 9th and told us the fiber optic cable was damaged outside. It would have to be taken care of by the Senior Technician team and someone would come by the house within the next 2 days. Fine.


Sunday Nov 11th rolls around and no one shows up all day. I call Tech Support again and am told that they have no idea why someone would say they would be coming within 2 days as apparently thats not true. The problem was supposedly escalated to the Ontario connection team or something like that... and that we should expect a response within 5 days from the time it was reported on Nov 9th! The Tech Support agent says he would send email to the Senior Tech team to call and respond to us ASAP to at least have some communication as to what is happening. I ask what they suggest we do at that point and the agent says if we get no call by the afternoon the next to call Tech Support once again and see if there's any update. Okay... another day lost. Fine.


Mon Nov 12th and no call from anyone AGAIN. I call Tech Support around 12pm to find out whats going on. The agent I talked to told me his colleague was the one taking care of our case but had just stepped out to lunch. I should get a call back from him within 30 minutes. I wait 1 hour... of course nothing so I call in again. I tell the next agent I was expecting a call from someone who was taking care of our case. Then I'm told he doesn't know who I'm talking about. Okay... At this point I am very frustrated now. The agent tells me he has no further info except that our case had been escalated to the Senior Tech team and it is in their hands now. They should be calling us within the next 2 days to give an update. ANOTHER 2 DAYS OF WAITING?! I ask for a supervisor and get refused and told Tech Support has no further info to share. The agent again says he would send an email to the Senior team to give us a call ASAP for updates. And that's all he could do. Looks like we're waiting in the dark for couple more days?


Weds Nov 14th and to no surprise we have received no communication from anyone. Now i'm just disappointed and don't even want to bother calling again but what choice did I have? It had been 8 days now with no home internet and having to use mobile data for anything web related. I call Tech Support once again and AGAIN am told that it's the Senior Tech team's responsibility to call us. But some new info would come up for once. Seems like work had been assigned to a technician from the senior team to work on the line that day from 2pm to 5pm. Hooray! They wouldn't need to come into the house but a report would have to filed when the work was complete that day. The Senior Tech team should contact us and let us know if it was fixed or not but probably the next day we would hear from them. An appointment was also made on our behalf for Fri Nov 16th from 4pm - 6pm for another tech to come by the house to see if anything further needed to be done to get everything running. Great.


Thurs Nov 15th and we still hear nothing. We still have no connection in the house. Doesn't seem like anything got done but how would I know since no one bothered to let us know? I don't even bother calling anyone that day.


We come to Fri Nov 16th and I get a call from someone at 9am. Trinity Communications called and said a technician would be onsite from 9am to 12pm to fix the cable. That's new info. Am told again someone may or may not follow up after the work is done. Well... as of 4am now Sat Nov 17th our internet still does not work. Oh, and the tech I apparently had an appoinment for from 4pm to 6pm to check the connection in the house NEVER SHOWED UP AND NOBODY CALLED. 


This whole situation has been absolutely horrible. I understand the job is a big task but I would appreciate some OPEN AND HONEST COMMUNICATION. I feel like I keep getting told one thing by someone and then something different another time. Also we keep getting told someone would get in contact with us and up until Trinity Communications called. I never ONCE received a call from this Senior Tech team and never got updates from Fido or Rogers until I kept calling in and even then it was either unhelpful, misleading or just plain incorrect.

Very dissatisfied with the lack of support we have received thus far. I hope someone reads this and understands how extremely frustrating this is. We are paying for a service and can't even use it because it won't get fixed in a timely manner or even communicated when it WILL be fixed.


End of rant.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @mar_183


Welcome to the community Smiley


I am sorry to read about your experience.  I can definitely understand how important it is to have access to the internet and that not knowing when it will be fixed is not ideal.  I'll be sending you a private message so we can take a look at your account together and figure this out.


Talk to you soon!