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Fido internet beings throttled at 7Pm on the dot every night.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

As the title states, every day my home internet is being throttled down to unusable speeds at 7pm on the dot. The speed it goes down to is 5 mbps download and 500 kbps upload. This isn't even close to half of what I am paying for which would be understandable during peak hours.


Two weeks ago I was having the same issue, except it was 6pm instead, like clockwork my internet would be throttled to unusable levels. I called into fido technical support and they had me check all connections and reset my modem. No changes. The technician said "I will preform a reset on our end to your account" and like magic my internet was back to normal like nothing had been happening for the few days this was occurring.


Fast forward two weeks now, the same problem is occuring. During the day and past 1am my internet speeds are completely normal, but between 7pm, and around 12:59 am my internet is completely unusable.


Am I going crazy or is this really just some technical issues?


Ps. Issues are occurring on both ethernet and wifi.



Hello @Eneyel8,


Even if Fido is throttling the internet those are some ridiculous speeds and since the speed was normal after they did a reset on their end it seems there might be some technical issue you should call the tech department again and have them troubleshoot it maybe even swap out the modem just to be safe.