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Internet Account Problems

So how do I start. I arrange my internet from fido online and in a few day I received my modem CODA (white tower) and everything was great.  Internet speed good and all.A few weeks later I recieved my bill for $ 104 dollars for my internet service wh...

Home Internet down (BARRIE AREA)

Home Internet is DownReset modem multiple timesWIFI keeps dropping signalOn hold for agent over 45 mins..... live chat does not work "We’re really sorry we can’t assist you, something went wrong. Let’s go get you a Live Chat agent." keep on getting t...

yuppp by I'm a participant level 1
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Modem Performance and Weak Connection Warning

I have been using hitron CODA-4582U modem for the last year with satifactory performance.  I have to switch account with my wife, and she set up a new account and received a CGN3U modem.  I tested it for the last 24 hours, same line on two modems.  C...

andrewso1954 by I'm a participant level 1
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My home internet is not working since beginning

Hi my home internet is not working since the time I ordered modem from Fido. The bill is generated and I started paying bills even though I have not used the services yet. would you please help me giving technical support phone number so I can talk t...