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Fido Internet - Hitron Modem - USB Ports Flash Drive File Sharing UPnP DLNA?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Fido Home Internet comes with an oblong silver Hitron CGN3 AMF Modem Router contraption, which has two USB ports on the back, among others.  The documentation and Fido's support questions when speaking to a CSR indicates that these USB Ports can be used for file sharing on your network.  The features are noted as "Two USB 2.0 host, supporting Network Attached Storage (NAS) functionality" and "Integrated DLNA Media Server with support for video, audio and image serving".


When you connect a FAT32 formatted USB drive to the modem and log in to the Hitron settings firmware via, under Admin, USB Storage, it indicates that a drive is connected.  "Shared Status" is "Enabled". "No. 1", "Disk  file://", and the option to "Action Eject".  If you put the  file://  address into a browser, I get a "Index of \\\diskda\
Name Size Date Modified
[parent directory]" page, but no files or folders are visible.


Fido customer service acknoledges that the documentation notes this is a listed function, but Tech Support does not have an answer or willingness to assist, and only suggest contacting Hitron to seek a solution.  I can't seem to find a tech support phone number for that company.


The functionality is something that worked well with my Asus RTN56U Router, but having switched to Fido's hardware it would be useful to be able to have this function work with the Hitron.  I may be able to restore the functionality in my home by bridging the Asus router with the Hitron's network and running it that way, but that's just a work-around and isn't a real solution as it doesn't help others. 


Does anyone have a solution?  Or know how to connect a USB memory stick or external storage device to the Hitron and be able to access it on other devices on the network?  And how to activate and access the files through UPnP and DLNA file sharing?





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@MilhouseX Try reformatting your usb, when I stick a flash drive in mine it works I can see the files, my drive shows up as file:// When you login to the modem then in the admin->usb storage do you see two device names or just one?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

So I've tried reformatting the USB drives, and putting a couple basic files on each.  Under Admin -> USB Storage I see "file://" and if I have a second USB storage device (flash drive in this case) it also shows "file://".


I cannot see or access any files.  Any other suggestions?

Hello MilhouseX,


  Welcome to the community!


  Have you tried to Map the drive? The folder would be your file:// or file://


Hope this helps Smiley



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

It's the same as when I open the link in a browser, it shows as if nothing is on the drive.


I have to map the drive as \\\diskda  for it to be accepted.  It doesn't show any files, the computer doesn't know the size of the drive and provides a 1.99TB indication.  Can't write to it either.  Have also tried mapping with permissions, using the router's user and password - still no luck.  Are you able to get a drive to show as a mapped network drive?


Still can't figure it out.  Thanks for trying.  Any other suggestions are appreciated.  

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1
@MilhouseX, I suggest asking your question over at the community forum on (you may need to register if you don't have a id). The Hitron modems have similar features and faults so one of the many community support user there should be able to assist. Here is a link to one of the Hitron modem manual from the forum: @FidoTerry, Hitron does not provide support to end users. Hitron policy clearly states that customer support is solely the responsibility of the service provider to which the customer subscribe.

Hey @MilhouseX


To be quite honest with you this is fallen a bit out our scope of knowledge. We're having some issues getting the manufacturers contact number, but we're looking into it.


In the meantime, if anyone else that has knowledge on this that can help you out, it will be great. Tongue