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Fido Internet - Cannot cancel before service end

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3



Since the recent announcement of Fido discontinuing their service in May, I have switched to another provider. For over a week, I have tried cancelling the internet services I currently have with Fido and I cannot seem to do this at all. My bill recently increased as well.


When I call, I am on hold for an hour. I get ahold of someone and they try and sell me Rogers promos that I don't want and then say they can't help wuth cancellations and transfer me again and the cycle repeats. Its is infuriating. All I want to do is cancel. I am currently on the hold...its been two and half hours now, three agents later. 


Apparently, I have no recourse. I try AskJack, emailing CRTCC, calling at different times etc. No luck. Do they just want our money until the end? 


Anyone else in this boat?



Hey @Anjkul24! We're really sorry to read about your recent experience with us. Were you able to get the assistance you needed since you posted?