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Faulty WLAN ports on CGN3U modem

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello, I'm posting here after many failed attempts to get a satisfactory response from the live chat technicians, and the moderators here seem more helpful.


I'm running my CGN3U modem in bridge mode and my router gets disconnected from the modem semi-frequently, causing me to lose internet connection. This always requires replugging the cable from the modem's WLAN port to restore connection. I have tested replugging the cable from the router's WLAN port without touching the modem and it didn't restore connection, so I'm 100% sure it's an issue with the modem. (As a side note, this issue happens regardless of which port I plug into, so it's not an issue with any particular one on the modem).
I have also tried with two different routers and four different ethernet cables, and even bought a new cable at the suggestion of the last technician yet the issue persists.... So, again, I'm 100% sure it's an issue with the modem.
Replugging the cable is an easy fix but it's very disruptive as I'm working from home full time. I have to reconnect several times a week and I have reached out to tech support many times already, all of them giving me unsatisfactory responses like turning off bridge mode or that they "don't see any issue with the modem on their end".
So here I am, incredibly frustrated. I don't understand why I'm not allowed to exchange for a new modem when the one I have is clearly faulty. Please don't ask me to turn off bridge mode because the WLAN ports are part of the modem's features and if they are not working correctly, the modem itself is faulty. It is also widely known that the built-in WiFi of this modem is not great and using a separate router is the way to go.
If any of the mods can help me out, I will be very appreciative. Thanks.


Hi @ceerokuro !


Welcome to the Community. Very_Happy


Although we as mods are not trained in Home Internet tech support, you can always ask some other Community members for help, through similar conversation threads.


If you do believe the modem is faulty though, did the technicians explain why they refused to proceed with a modem swap? 


Also, when using only the Fido modem for Wi-Fi, you should be able to benefit from a high-speed connection.

Is there a specific reason why you're using a third party router as well?