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Complaint, move procedure

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I moved houses on August 10 and had applied for address change in advance. I was told by customer care over phone that my internet would be disconnected at 11:59pm on 9th august and restored at the new location at 6am on 10th august. On 9th my internet was suddenly cut off at 11pm. On 10th the connection was not restored at new location I was on the phone for an hour with different Fido staff trying to figure out why my connection was not restored. Someone said it was technical glitch, someone offered 20$ as compensation.

Not only did I miss a day of work I had to keep on hold movers at my residence because Fido staff kept going back and forth with excuses and I wasted time. I was told internet could be restored within 24 hours so I had to go to a coffee shop to finish my official work. I noticed around 2 pm that internet had been restored when I came home to pick up some stuff.

- first of all I don’t earn $20 dollars a day or hour so please don’t try these marketing gimmicks.

- I was wasting time and money at a coffee shop as no one called or emailed to say that connection had been restored.

- if internet was not to be restored at 6am why did nobody inform me as a customer it’s my right to know (and why was internet disconnected at old location at 11pm not 11:59).

I need compensation and explanation for everything. This is unacceptable and nobody in the team had any clue as to what was happening. 

Note: there's no email ID where I can share my complaint so posting it here and via social media.



Hey @JR2022 Smiley

Welcome to the Community! 


Sorry to hear about what happened during your move. I definitely understand the situation was not ideal, as we rely a lot on Home Internet these days.


Here's how the procedure normally works: 

- If the requested connection date isn’t today: 
Your Internet will work at your new address as of 6am on the date you asked for. 
The account will show as Suspended between the Requested Disconnect Date and the Requested Connection Date. No usage will be possible and no charges will occur until the service is active at the new address.

- If the requested connection date is today: 
Your Internet will work in a few hours at your new address and will be cancelled by 11pm at your old address.


It's therefore important for the representative to set up the dates correctly, in the system. 
This is most likely why we applied an adjustment of $20 to your account. The regular credit for an inactive service is applied as the value of the amount of days the service wasn't working, but you received more.


That said, if you still need help with your account, you can reach out to customer service who can go over everything in more details.
They can also send your feedback over for a coaching opportunity, if need be. 

Hope this helps!