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Cannot access new router admin

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

New Hitron CODA installed, replacing previous failed router.

It is connected to several devices via ethernet cables and wifi.

iPad is connected via wifi, can access Hitron admin, but password is rejected. That is , the iPad is connected to the internet, but cannot access settings on the router.

PCs on the LAN cannot see the router at all.

ROKU connected via ethernet works correctly, using its previous settings.


The @ LED is solid green, as expected (internet connection OK)

The LED below it continues flashing, which is not normal. I believe it indicates it cannot access my LAN?


Since the router rejects my password ( = my home wifi password), I would like to change it, but this cannot be done if I cannot access the router.


I would reset the router, but the password on the router label is "Your wifi password". Since that password does not work, a reset will get me nowhere.


The FIDO installer set the wifi password in accordance with my wishes, and he did not make a mistake as far as I could see, but if he did, I am stuck.


How do I reset a "forgotten" password, when I cannot access the router?





I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Since my first post, my LAN has miraculously become accessible. Time-delayed remote activation?


But I still have router access problem.


My wifi password is rejected by the router's admin sign-in form.

Therefore, I would like to change it as a "forgotten" password.

It cannot be changed, without accessing the router.

So how do I change or recover my password?


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Here are my conclusions, maybe of use to anyone migrating to Hitron CODA router.

The password you enter during setup becomes your wifi password. It does double duty as the router admin password and wifi password.

If you use your pre-existing wifi password, this means you will not have to change the password on your wifi devices.


The router will connect to your ethernet network automatically, but this may require some rebooting  of the router and other devices before it becomes effective.

The LED below the @ LED shows ethernet status. Unlike other LEDs, blinking represents normal connection, not activity. This inconsistency can be confusing.


As with most routers, the only way to change your password is to do a reset. There is no easy way to find your password if you forget it.


The router admin screens are accessed by


Hello @hutch,


Welcome to the community!


Since you got a new modem and having trouble accessing it I would suggest you start from the beginning reset the modem and go through the setup process when you set the WiFi password that would be the same password you will use to log in to the admin page.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

After one day my new Hitron CODA 4582 failed. It repeatedly tried to connect, then shut down, no LEDs lit.

I went to online service (very long wait). The bizarre sequence of automated questions was slightly different from my experience two days earlier, but it resulted in a visit by a technician next day.


The technician checked that the signal on the co-ax was good, then plugged the modem into a different socket. As often happens, access to the internet was restored. The technician's diagnosis was that the original electric outlet socket was faulty. Since the power light was lit throughout my problems, this seemed dubious. After about 30 minutes of access, the modem disconnected again.


The technician had told me to get a new modem from a FIDO store, if it failed. I did so - have your account number in hand, and keep trying the doorbell until you get a response.


This time I installed the modem myself, which is a good thing to do because you get to know more about it. You need to connect to the Easy Connect Wifi network, which will have unique numbers after it. Once you have entered a new wifi password, you are done. Further changes are entered via, using your wifi password.


This process, from the time the old modem failed, took one week. Internet providers have not found an efficient way of servicing their customers, and I don't know that FIDO is any worse than anyone else. If your internet goes down, the recovery process is painful and time-consuming. I would have thought that by now servicing would be handled by remote diagnosis, but maybe security concerns prevent that. The provider can tell if the modem is offline and can "refresh" it, but cannot tell if the modem is working without asking you questions. These questions are poorly designed in my opinion and it would be better if the modem had built-in diagnostics.


I did get a $25 credit for service interruption, but I hope this modem will last. I would not go through the service process again without changing providers, so I am asking all my friends about their experience with Bell.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Thank you. I was trying to avoid a reset, since everything was working, and unfamiliarity with the new modem made me reluctant to do anything drastic until I had figured it out. I still cannot access the modem from a workstation, but when I get the urge I will do a reset. I have to do it eventually in order to find out why the password I entered works with my wifi devices, but not with the admin screen.