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COMPLAINT - delay for internet activation

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

REF:  Interaction and complaint numbers:  xxxxxx  -  xxxxxx-  xxxxxx

***Please refer this COMPLAINT to the Fido President's Office and the Ombudsman: 


After spending the whole day yesterday Saturday on multiple calls to Fido attempting to arrive at a customer-centric solution to activiate the Fido Internet at a change of address, in multiple discussions with multiple interaction / complaint numbers, with your front line staff in Montreal and your "supervisor" in Vancouver, and back with your staff in Montreal and then via chat -- I HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED A CALL BACK FROM A MANAGER THAT WAS PROMISED 3 TIMES.  


This internal Fido-created UNACCEPTABLE DELAY DUE TO YOUR FIDO ACTIVATION COMPUTER GLITCH WHICH WILL NOW TAKE 7 - 9 BUSINESS DAYS TO FIX BEFORE you can make my user address switch AND THEN THE EXTRA 2-3 DAYS to send out a technician to hot connect the internet connection, is a delay that is unacceptable from a customer perspective, or even from a sound business perspective.


QUERY:  Why woiuld you even dream of MAKING A CUSTOMER WAIT AROUND FOR YOU to fix your internal problems BEFORE ISSUING THE SERVICE ORDERED ?  It's absurd! 


NOTE:  The simplest  and quickest SOLUTION to this Fido-created unaccepatble delay in activating the home internet woiuld be of course, to CANCEL THE ORDER which caused the glitch in the first place, and THEN REISSUE THE ORDER so as to expedite the activation.   There would be no need to send the equipment, since I already have it.   




WITH A NEW ORDER which FIDO could process quickly, with the address change, FIDO could expedite the technician for the hot-connection all in a matter of 2-3 days....and then FIDO can take all the time needed to fix your internal computer glitches at your leisure - NOT AT MY EXPENSE.


FRANKLY, as a 15 year customer with Fido, I am throughly disappoiinted by Fido's lack of commitment to customer-centric solutions and service in this situation.


Please have someone contact me with a TIMELY AND ACCEPTABLE FIX to this untenable and absurd Fido-created  situation.


Thank you for your careful attention to these details.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @P-


From the description, your request was to complete a move order to transfer your services from your old address to your new one.Is that correct?


That said, I'm truly sorry to hear about your experience. As a general rule, a new order cannot be created when there is another one pending. I assume these details have been discussed with the supervisors you spoke with.


Just to confirm though, do you plan to move an existing service with us or to activate a brand new one (second home internet service) with us at a different address? I'll be sending you a PM shortly to review the situation with you. We'll be taking a closer look at this together, and follow up on your request.


Talk to you soon!