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Action Required: Upgrade to Rogers Fibre-Powered Internet

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Has anyone gotten this in the mail or email?  I got it both times and have chatted with the agents and both times, the agents say it is a scam.  I see the email was sent from and the number to call is 1‑855‑828‑6525 but I can't find this phone number via Google.  Don't want to really lose my internet service come November.  Thoughts?



Rogers is upgrading its network in your area to our fastest¹ fibre-powered service. Unfortunately, with this upgrade, your current Fido Internet service will no longer be available as early as November 1, 2022.

We know how important connectivity is and as a valued customer, we would like to offer an exclusive Rogers Ignite Internet plan just for you.

Get Rogers Ignite Internet with savings starting at $60 per month for 12 months! PLUS: Free activation and professional installation.²

Please call today at 1‑855‑828‑6525 between 10am and 6pm EST, Monday to Friday to discuss the best option for you!

As early as November 1, 2022, your current Internet services will no longer be available.

Ignite Internet packages deliver our fastest fibre-powered Internet so you will have access to:

Our most secure WiFi experience, backed by our WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee

The most advanced WiFi security³

If you currently have Fido mobile services, they will not be affected by this upgrade.

We value your business and would like to help you find the right Ignite Internet services that suit your needs. Please call today at 1‑855‑828‑6525 between 10am and 6pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Thanks for choosing Fido



I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

This actually happend to me today. Woke up to my internet down, and after being bounced 3 times on the chat, the 4th person confirmed that someone order the cancelling of my internet services. Dont ask me how, as there should be multiple security questions.


I recevied two letters on my mail, they arrived in a Rogers envelope but the letter had the Fido logo. No other information was there other than my name/address. Not even my account number.


Both times I chat with Fido and both times they confirmed that those were not true and no note of service suspension was related to my account. 

Begining of March I received a phone call after business hours (around 6-ish pm) from someone confirming that my internet service was going to be cancelled and if I wanted to switch to Rogers Ignite. I refused and said that if the service is cancelled, then i would bring my business to the competitors.


This is a ridiculous method to push people to Rogers services, as it actually will only take them to competition (if this is not a proper scam)



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have now also emailed to report the scam.

Hi there @FelixChung and welcome to the Community!


The email you received is an official one. We’re upgrading the network in your area to 100% pure fibre and as a result of this upgrade, your current Fido Internet service will no longer be available as early as November 1, 2022. 


To keep you connected with reliable service, we would like to discuss Rogers Ignite Internet package offers with you. These offers are just for the impacted custoemrs and also include free activation and professional installation.


To get more info, just call at the provided numbers in your email!