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Why Would I Use Fido Roam

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

First off, I just talked with your rep Simran, who reversed a Fido Roam fee I had been charged on a day I didn't use Fido. I was using a Mexican SIM card. Fido Roam cost $15 a day in Mexico. The SIM card gave me Canadian, U.S., and Mexican call and all the data I needed for one month. It cost about $20 in Canadian dollars. Why would I--or would anyone--use Fido Roam, especially in Mexico. 



Hello @erains,


The Fido Roam is meant for people who are traveling and want to use their Canadian number so that people in Canada can stay in contact with them and as a bonus, they can use their device in the country they travel to just as if they were in Canada.


You can always opt out of the Fido Roam or put a roaming block on your line by contacting customer service.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

First of all, you will be OPT-IN without knowing it and get a surprise bill after your trip cause the service was activated automatically

Hey @Artem3,


Fido Roam is automatically enabled for all users who have it included in their rates, all users are made aware of this as soon as they arrive to their destination as we always send a Welcome text with the details of the applicable charges should usage take place during the trip. This can be from Data, placing/receiving a call or sending a text message.


While data can be used rather quickly on the phone, we can suggest to leave the phone on airplane mode and/or turn off data roaming from your phone settings. 


By all means, we also suggest to give us a quick chat before your trips to answer any roaming question and help you set up to ensure you don't get a surprise on your bill next month. 

You can always get in touch with us here.