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Fido roaming policy needs an update!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently went to the US for a couple hours in the evening and returned well before midnight. I was disappointed to see 2 days worth of roaming charges on my bill. When I reached out to customer service I was told that the fido roam is only valid until 11:59:59 ET regardless of what time zone I am in. Since it was after midnight on the other side of Country from where I am I guess I am now stuck with an extra $12 roaming charge for maybe 15 mins of use. This policy really sucks for anyone on living on the West Coast. So disappointing, especially when I look at what other carriers are now offering. Telus roaming for example is cut off at midnight in whatever time zone I am located in. Some carriers are even offering plans that have US roaming already included without extra charges. Would be nice if Fido would also start offering something similar or at least update their policy and change the time zone restriction. 


Hi @Kwilkez those are are valid suggestions and hopefully Fido will offer similar plans to the other providers when it comes to cross border travel. Until then, watch the time of useage 😉